The BEST of 2017 December 19, 2017 20:50

The BEST of 2017

It has been a very busy year and we would like to thank you for your ongoing support!
We welcomed our beautiful son Elwood John into the world in July, opened the shop in August and still managed to produce some outstanding restorations!

Here are a few snap shots of our year past...

Opening of the JUNKED shop

In August we re-opened the JUNKED shop at our new location in Winchelsea Victoria. Our products can be purchased in store or through our online shop

The shop is a garage conversion with a re-purposed service station door, rustic trusses and industrial details. It is the ultimate man cave where EVERYTHING is FOR SALE!



Cyclops "Pegasus Trotting Gig"

Manufactured by Cyclops in 1959-1960 
Pedal drive; 8" disc wheels with rubber tyres. This high-stepping trotting horse, made in pressed steel, 'trots' realistically when propelled by the pedals. Nylon bearing rear axle, tubular steel frame, comfortable saddle and reins for steering.


It was lovingly restored for the owners grand-son as pictured trying it out for the first time.


Tri-ang T60 Pedal Car

This restoration was completed by Junked and donated to the Birregurra Motor Enthusiasts Club.
Sandblasting donated by Ausblast and Chrome donated by Bendigo Electroplating. 
All proceeds go towards the club.
As of the 19th December the car is still available  
FOR SALE $2,000 



Wyn-Toy 10 Tonne Tipper

Wyn-Toy were an Australian owned manufacturer selling pressed steel vehicles here in Australia and in New Zealand, they were in direct competition with Boomaroo and Cyclops.

Every aspect of this restoration was completed in house at Junked Restoration
We were able to re-produce the decals and manufacture the plastic wheels.

Decals and wheels are now available for purchase, contact us to discuss your restoration!



This year we had an influx of dolls pram restorations, yes! who would have thought it! At the one time we were restoring 3!

Browne Dolls Pram

Browne is an Australian company which produced Browne Dolls Prams pre 1985.
With the introduction of Chromium Plating in 1964 it produced a more up market pram making it a 'must have' alongside cyclops and silver cross.


Being a child of that era, if you received good grades you may have been rewarded with a Browne's Pram! (a reference back to the original - and only - owners of this particular pram we have restored!)


We also went through a run of trike/tricycle restorations, completing 5 this year!

Cyclops Tricycle 1940s - 1960s

Cyclops manufactured this style of childs tricycle between the 1940s and 1960s.

Wheel rubber by JUNKED - available for purchase. Striping by Dave Stephenson. Chrome by Bendigo Electroplating.


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