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Catch up with JUNKED July 9, 2015 23:59


Hi JUNKED followers!
There has been plenty going on & plenty to catch up on!

   Jason has left the JUNKED family to pursue his own project "NO TOWN" visit their facebook page and hit LIKE to keep up with the gossip! We wish him the best of luck!

   Our shop in Kyneton has now closed - insert cry here - and the Restorations have moved off site to 359 Taradale Road Drummond North, VIC

BUT you can still get your JUNKED fix at our Retail space at How Bazaar in Geelong on Melbourne Rd!
The site is looking awesome and going great guns!


Callum has been busy in the workshop, with plenty of Restorations coming in.

Current restorations include:

CCMC Scooter



Hills Billy Cart


Radio Flyer Childs Wagon


Recently finished Resto's

National Cash Register


Vintage Galvanised Bath


Golden Fleece Bowser


So, although the shop is closed and the Restos are off site, JUNKED is still going strong!

Contact us for an obligation free quote!

And Callum is always on the look out for that rare and rusty item, so if you have a shed full of "stuff" give us a call! Click here for our Wanted list 


Jess @ JUNKED!

JUNKEDFEST 2015 April 26, 2015 22:38

JUNKEDFEST has come and gone for this year and wasn't it a PARTY!!!

We saw nearly 250 people walk in the door and the atmosphere was buzzing! The weather was in our favour making it the perfect setting for rockabilly, burgers, beer and cars!


The Hubcats (a favourite local band) got the party started,



followed by a beautifully talented all girl band The Reprobettes


and the night was finished with the awesome sounds of The Yard Apes!


Maddie and I were on the door, scrambling to ensure people got stamped and of course bought tickets for the Rat Rod Esky raffle! It was very much a blur of faces and my cheeks hurt from all the smiling and laughing by the end of the night!



Major Toms (The best Burgers in town!) were there to spread their tasty goodness!

And ofcourse the alcohol!


We also had a special appearance by Dave the Pinstriper from The Marx and Weston Signshop



And Holly Daze with their vintage clothing and accessories

We also had ourselves a little Garage Sale out the back and 30% off instore sale - Thank-you to Dywana for manning the Shop!


 Hot rodders and car enthusiasts flocked to our very own Car Show, it was Awesome!


It was a VERY successful day, lots of FUN had by ALL!

On behalf of Myself, Callum and Jason we would like to thank all our family and friends for your help and support leading up to and on the day, it was a team effort! And JUNKED wouldn't be what it is today without our loyal followers!

Thank-you all!

Jess @ JUNKED!

2015 is here and the Restos are finished! February 28, 2015 19:26

Finished Restorations

Cyclops Comet Pedal Car

Cyclops Rocker

Parking Meter

Wyn-Toy Hydraulic Tipper

Childs Trike with Back Seat 

And our favourite....

Cyclops #22 Pedal Car

A testimony from the owner
"Thought I would share a photo of a true family treasure. This is what we believe is a circa 1924 Cyclops #22 pedal car.

Started life as my grandfather's, then my mother's, then mine, and I have just had it restored so that it can continue on in my daughter's hands. Jason Waterhouse and his crew at JUNKED did a fantastic job, I am stoked with the work they have done.

It had gotten to a pretty sad state with rotten timber frames, many different colours and some pretty rough modifications. It is now a work of art - so much so I think my little lady may need to wait a few years before she can really get her hands on it."

   His mum riding it                  Adam riding it               His daughter riding it

We are very proud and honoured to have been a part of this restoration, thank-you Adam for bringing it to us!

We also received a photo from another happy customer

Cyclops #20 Pedal Tow Car       

The kids playing in the pedal car on Christmas Day
 Before                                                        Patina restoration


Don't forget to click on the pictures to have a look at the before photos and a few extra restored photos too!

Restorations at JUNKED! December 5, 2014 17:41

Christmas is on its way!

Which means only one thing....... BUSY BUSY BUSY!

The Boys have plenty to do out the back.
Alot of restorations needed for Christmas!

Here are few things that they are currently working on.....

Cyclops Comet Pedal Car


Cyclops #22 Pedal Car


Cyclops Rocker


Cream Can


Lemonade Fridge


Parking Meter


Childs Trike


Wyn-Toy Tin Dump Truck


As well as: 
Another Pedal Car
A Pepsi Fridge and
A Shell Petrol Bowser!
All to commence in the New Year!


Don't forget to drop into the JUNKED shop for that perfect Christmas Gift!!